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Brick Masons - U.S. Earnings Averages & Opportunities in 2022

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

What is a brick mason?

Brick masons are individuals that produce and repair walkways, patios, and other building structures using blocks of concrete, bricks, or tiles. They can work on any project from small residential to sizable commercial jobs.

How much does a brick mason make in 2022?

Referencing the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), according to data released in May of 2021 the average brick mason across the United States made $61,430. That's an average hourly wage of $29.53.

National estimates have total employment for brick masons at that time at just over 55,000. A large percentage of the total employed brick masons are classified in the category of foundation, structure, and building exterior contractors.

Some of the top paying industry categories for brick masons are building finishing contractors, local government (excluding schools and hospitals), nonresidential construction, and highway, street, and bridge construction. The average salary or wage in these categories top $75,000!

States with the top average annual pay for brick masons include: Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois, Hawaii, and New York. Some of these states average over $90,000 per year.

What career options are there for brick masons in 2022?

Careers in masonry provide an incredibly wide scope of options for employment in high demand careers including:

  • Constructing a chimney or fireplace

  • Laying a walking path of paving stones

  • Installing in-ground swimming pools

  • Pouring cement to repair roads and curbs

Brick masons can work on a variety of projects, and most are typically outdoors. They have the responsibility of accurately reading blueprints, cutting blocks or bricks and lining them from point A to point B. Each project can be different, as you could be building something from scratch or restoring something to its former glory. When working with older buildings, you will experience the demolition, rebuild, and cleaning and finishing all while maintaining each building's unique aesthetic.

What training do I need to be a brick mason?

You can get started in brick masonry as soon you graduate high school. Many community colleges and trade schools offer classes in brick masonry and brick laying, and you can even take these as you are working as an apprentice to a senior mason. During your apprenticeship you will learn basic skills of construction and how to work on the job. After you finish, you will be considered a journeyman worker who is able to do tasks unsupervised.

How do I find brick masonry career opportunities near me?

By completing the Skill Evaluation with Paid for Trades, we can connect you with businesses and trade school programs near you in Iowa to set up opportunities such as:

  • Job shadowing

  • Part time work

  • Apprenticeships

  • Course enrollment

  • Full time job offers

The skilled trades can offer opportunities to earn faster with little to no student loan debt. We want to help you find the best career for your talents!


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