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Meet Our Partner - Henkel Construction

With locations in Ames and Mason City, Henkel Construction has over a century's worth of great history in commercial construction in Iowa. Their crews are responsible for building many highly visibly structures in the state, from bridges, breweries and banks to schools, hospitals and multi-unit housing.

Career Opportunities in the Skilled Trades

For young people interested in careers in construction, they offer a paid apprenticeship program where you earn while you learn and accrue ZERO student loan debt! They are currently looking to fill positions nine different positions, ranging from welding and carpentry to heavy equipment and steel construction.

Henkel Construction is committed to the safety and respect of their employees with over a quarter of their current staff enjoying over 15 years with the company.

Does this feel like a fit for you or someone you know? You can reach out to them directly here - tell them Paid for Trades sent you!

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