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Electricians - U.S. Earnings Averages & Opportunities in 2022

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

What is an electrician?

Electricians are individuals that design, install and maintain electrical systems. This can include lighting, HVAC, security and computer network systems in anywhere from a factory, office building or personal home.

How much does an electrician make in 2022?

Referencing the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), according to data released on May of 2021 the average electrician across the United States made $63,310. That's an average hourly wage of $30.44.

National estimates have total employment for electricians at that time at just over 650,000. A large percentage of the total employed electricians are classified in the category of building equipment contractors.

Some of the top paying industry categories for electricians are natural gas distribution, promoters of performing arts, sports and similar events, and scheduled air transportation. The average salary or wage in these categories top $100,000!

States with the top average annual pay for electricians include Illinois, New York, Oregon, Alaska and New Jersey. All five average over $80,000 per year.

What career options are there for electricians in 2022?

Electrician provide an incredibly wide scope of options for employment in high demand careers including:

  • Installing switches, circuit board panels, relays and other electrical control equipment

  • Inspecting transformers and circuit breakers for faults

  • Identify electrical problems using a variety of testing devices

  • Repairing and replacing outdated electrical equipment

Electricians can find themselves working inside or outside and tight or open conditions. They can work as part of a larger team or work alone. Whatever the job may be, it can be dangerous especially working with live wires. With year-round options for electricians, there will always be work working on electrical systems.

What training do I need to be an electrician?

While the requirements may vary from state-to-state, it is strongly recommended to go to a trade or technical school to obtain the required certifications to work in that field.

After that, the most popular path is an apprenticeship. This stage can take up to four years (6,000 - 10,000 hours) and includes: on-the-job training, classroom instruction, and mentorship from master electricians.

After completing the apprenticeship, you will be eligible to take your state's electrician license test and become a licensed electrician or journeyman.

How do I find electrician career opportunities near me?

By completing the Skill Evaluation with Paid for Trades, we can connect you with businesses and trade school programs near you in Iowa to set up opportunities such as:

  • Job shadowing

  • Part time work

  • Apprenticeships

  • Course enrollment

  • Full time job offers

The skilled trades can offer opportunities to earn faster with little to no student loan debt. We want to help you find the best career for your talents!


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